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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mystery Pics

You surely remember reading about my mysterious journey to the Undisclosed Location this Pesach. In fact, I'm sure you've been waiting ever since with bated breath for the promised pictures and your big chance at disclosing the location. Unfortunately, around that time I ran into blogger picture issues, and put the promised pictures on a back burner. Well, their time has come, so you can let out that breath you've been holding as you admire the breathtaking beauty of Undisclosed Location (and its environs).
A mysterious door beckons the intrepid bloggers to enter a REALLY undisclosed location. Alas, it remains securely locked.
An unnamed blogger descends into the innards of the Undisclosed Location.
This is the only photo of the Undisclosed Location that has been at all digitally altered (not counting cropping.) Promise.
I took this picture in the hopes that it would make people wonder hard about where we'd been. But the only ones wondering were the spectators. "What's she doing THERE? And why's she taking a picture of THAT?"
OK, my captioning creativity is dwindling to critical levels. How about this: Post a fun caption for any of the photos in the comments on this post. Best one will receive an invaluable reward. (Do they make currency low enough to pay for a thumbs-up?)
This is one of those things that seemed like a cool idea at the time... but later only serves to keep others asking, "What's THAT picture doing in your trip album?"
Ace of spades?
You are now leaving Undisclosed Location. Please check your surroundings for belongings and small children, as we cannot be responsible for items left behind you. Please leave comments as you exit, and have a nice day.


nmf #7 said...

Bottom one: I see the light!!

Something Different said...

Door- Yeah, and you know cuz you tried it. ;-)

Steps- I don't remember it looking like lego...funny. (Good caption btw. :-)

that digitally altered one- well you did a good job. I have no idea what it is.

and I think that more than one of the pictures had people saying "what the-??" I dunno if I mentioned it at the time (:-P) but you looked hilarious crawling around taking pictures. :-D


Bas~Melech said...

SD - Hey, I only crawled around for that one! Everything else was in perfectly normal places, just people don't pay attention to their surroundings. NMP. :-P

Undisclosed Blogger said...

well...i don't recognize half of them. how many were taken in the parts that i didn't join you at??

Bas~Melech said...

UB (a.k.a BL): Just three, the green ones and the wondering one ;-)