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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A pretty generic poem

(Another would-be song:)

I saw your struggle
My dear, precious friend
I saw you suffer
Seemed like it'd never end
I wanted to give you comfort
Soothe your aching heart
But for once in my life words failed me
I didn't even know where to start;
What could I say?

"It'll get better"?
......but I'm just not sure
"I understand"
......but do I really?
"I'm praying for you"
......but I wish I could do more
I guess I just can't
......tell you what I'm feeling.

I can no longer see you face to face
I know that you're in a better place
And suddenly
I've found my voice again.
I really meant this all along
I hope you hear me loud and strong
because now I know
exactly what to say:

"I love you"
.....The only words that fit
"You're the greatest"
.....Yes it's true
I should have said so
.....It hurts to admit
But I'm still praying
.....Because you taught me to.

I can no longer see you face to face
I know that you're in a better place
And my life, too, has forced me to move on.
And for those words I should have said
Though at times consumed with deep regret
I'm OK because
I know G-d loves you

(Yes, I know the end sounds a little mixed up. It's because I started with the ending, and then wrote from the beginning, and when I got back up to the end I'd lost track of it and couldn't make it fit quite right again. I have this thing for coming up with good lines only in the shower or while running for a train...)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tag, I'm it!

Ok, this came from Dreamer, and my task is simply to name two blogs that I enjoy reading.

They now have to post two blogs that they enjoy reading.
And so on.
I like PR, but let's play a more interesting game next time, OK?
Hang on, there's a real post coming soon be"H.

Monday, February 19, 2007


At long last, the ressurection of the poem I blogged about losing. You can judge for yourselves whether it measures up, though I am still mourning the original...

In the Mirror

staring at me

the strong, piercing eyes

of a princess

a beauty.

I am almost ashamed

to meet her gaze

but she has pride

gently lifts my chin

straightens my shoulders.

Suddenly I am able to see

the image of G-d

shining within her



She stands firm

at the head

of a dynasty


while following

in the mighty footsteps

of matriarchs.

She is blessed

with all she needs

to conquer worlds.

As I turn away

heading out

on noble missions

I will carry her image

and draw from her strength

for I am a princess;

Her power is mine.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Believing in yourself

I started to write something, kind of a letter to a student, which turned into a song, which of course is disastrous since I have zero sense of tune. So I guess it will end up being a poem. It seems like all I post here are poems, but I'm generally a much more prosaic writer. Anyway, it still needs a lot of work (this is half-baked, not raw!) but here is one stanza I like:

They told me it was all right
but I knew that they were wrong.
They said it's OK to be different
but I needed to belong.
I wanted so to make them proud;
They said they could see I was trying,
but I was wiser, I knew inside
I was failing and they were lying.

I know you don't know the context, but it's not terribly important to this part. What do you think?

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Torah Thoughts

Just curious-- why does my other blog get so few comments? It seems to me much more thought-provoking than this one. Feedback, anyone?

(real post coming soon PG)