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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Naaseh Venishma

So I was learning a little in preparation for Shavuos, and of course the classical question arose about why "naaseh" (doing) comes before "nishma" (hearing).

My first thought was, "Hey! My kids do that!" You know, all the little guys with ADHD: Take action before listening to the instructions. Leap before you look. Naaseh before nishma. Gotta give those kids some credit.

I was going to inject some deeper meaning here, but I got busy, so I'm just posting this to get it out of drafts. Good for a grin, if not much else. Sorry. For deeper meaning on naaseh v'nishma, I think one of the shiurim discussed it. Maybe this one. Speaking of which, I highly recommend -- lots of free downloadable shiurim on all different topics, pretty well organized with tags and all.

1 comment:

nmf #7 said...

True! But the point is that Bnai Yisroel accepted far more than your average 6 year old- who then after he hears actually what it entails- refuses outright.