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Friday, August 7, 2009

Breaking Free

When I tried to lean on you
you let me fall
When I tried to follow you
you led me wrong
When I tried to talk to you
you closed your ears
When I tried to be with you
you disappeared

Now you wonder where I've gone
Why don't you understand
that you've taught me that I have to
hold my own hand
Maybe when I finish learning
to stand on my own feet
I'll come back to you and try again
And you can lean on me


Monkey's Uncle said...

This doesn't sound good at all. What is happening?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you think about all the people in the world who have real Tzaros. Then maybe your situation won't seem so bad.

Bas~Melech said...

MU - Everything's OK. Sorry, this was meant to be more of a positive post to celebrate breaking free and, well, "holding my own hand."

Anonymous - Sorry your life is so much harder than mine. Here, have some sympathy, maybe it'll help.

halfshared said...

I could have written every word myself. It takes tremendous strength to break free and to get over the betrayal, hurt etc. Good for you!

corner point said...

It's interesting...I actually do see both the positivity in it, as well as the hurt part.

Good for you that you've broken free. That's a hard thing to do. And now you're a stronger person on your own.

But it still stinks to be hurt by a friend...and then be asked by them why you're being so distant and cold....

Freeda said...

I was gonna comment but read the comments and they say exactly what I would've (well, not exactly but close enough) - Except for anonymous, good answer Bas Melech! Anony, everyone has different challenges - for any bad sitch, there's bound to be a worse one out there, which doesn't take away from the first person's sitch. Yes, when we're going through a hard time, perhaps we should keep your comment in mind, but that's for each person to tell his/herself - not to tell anyone else...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lesson, this poem reminds me that I need to be there for my children more..