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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Random Sighting

Ok, ok, I confess. Last post's survey was merely an excuse to share this with you. Only the pictures didn't come out good enough to post, so this is basically from memory.

University restrooms seem to garner a classier grade of graffiti; the very walls can serve as one large, anonymous network. Where else can you get such food for thought in a less appropriate setting?

Take this sighting, which I tried to photograph for y'all but my phone just didn't do justice:
What would it take for you to see your dream as a reality?
A revolution
Endurance & $$$
Psychosis ~or~ drugs


Ezzie said...

Bathroom walls? Those are often the greatest places for introspection. :)

Lon said...

Odd. Nobody writes on the walls in my college. I see I'm missing some great philosophical conversations. Where d'you go again?