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Thursday, October 11, 2007


One of my favorite scenes in children's literature is the opening of Peter Pan (J. M. Barrie), which describes how all mothers spend the night sifting through their children's brains, sorting things out, taking out what doesn't belong, and repackaging it with love. He words it very sweetly; I don't do it justice.

Anyway, I need that. There is just way too much on my mind to handle. It doesn't have time to rest, refresh, and sort things out.

Which is why I'm taking a week-long vacation from the computer, beginning now.
Don't leave, I'll be back iy"H -- I still have plenty to say and I really enjoy your company. It's just that the only way I can free up some space right now is to completely leave the computer besides for the barest work necessities.

Meanwhile, if you haven't already, you can scroll down and see what you've missed because I've been posting up a storm lately.

Take care and have a wonderful Shabbos and next week!


corner point said...

Just recently met you but I'll miss you...


Scraps said...

Have a good week! Enjoy your vacation!

You'll be missed...

Anonymous said...

If your "vacation" from the computer is only for one week, then you have much more fortitude than I have.
(from Gut Gezugt)

The Dreamer said...

basmelech - leaving me, are you?

halfshared said...

Good luck and hope you have a great week. Good Shabbos

corner point said...

(Do weeks start on Sunday anymore...?)

rivka-poo said...

I'll miss you, with my yeast infection smelling like cheese and all.

bad4shidduchim said...

Will be waiting for your return...

David_on_the_Lake said...


halfshared said...

Hope you are feeling a bit less overwhelmed than when you wrote that post. Can't wait for your return.


Okee dokee it's now been a week, hope you got the work you wanted to do done and now we welcome you back into the fold.

Bas~Melech said...

Thanks, all! I've missed you and I'm back!

GG -- Say what? Fortitude would be if I could actually stay away from the computer for any length of time...

New post coming a little later iy"H

Anonymous said...

I couldn't respond to your question concerning the Mushayer Rebbe, HoRav Rubin, ZT"L, which you asked at
(because I forgot my YW username)
so I am responding here:
His late wife, Rebbetzin Chana Rubin, Z"L, authored a book (published by Artscroll) in which she detailed their escape from the Nazis and much of his life.
The title is "The Final Solution is Life" (and you can purchase it from Artscroll, online).

I think she wrote that her husband's Shul is on Ocean Parkway near Avenue N or O.

Actually, the Satmar Rebbe ZT"L (who was Niftor more than 20 years ago) was her uncle (and became his uncle when they married).

Although I have never seen the Mushayer Rebbe ZT"L,
I have seen their son, The Ropshitzer Rebbe, Shit"a, in his Shul in Boro Park.
He is descended from the original Ropshitzer Rebbe - who lived almost 200 years ago, and didn't want to take the same title as his father during his father's lifetime, so he took the title of this illustrious forebear.
However, he is still named HoRav Rubin (like his father) and not HoRav Horowitz (the name of the original Ropshitzer Rebbe).

(I am not Chasidish, and I couldn't tell you any of this if I hadn't read Rebbetzin Rubin's fascinating book.)

(from Gut Gezugt)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I see, other commenters at YW have given you his full name and Yichus.
( - GG )

Bas~Melech said...

GG -- I'm afraid this is a case of mistaken identity. There seems to be a BasMelech impostor on YeshivaWorld. I'm not a member.

The funny thing is, I went there to see what you were talking about and hers is exactly the type of comment I'd make -- one of my pet peeves is when "yesheevish" people use nicknames for people, places, events, things, etc, just kind of assuming that everyone knows what they're talking about.

My favorite is "The Rosh Yeshiva." As in, "The Rosh Yeshiva says..." Because it's SO obvious which is THE yeshiva!

Wait, even above that on my "peeves" list is the use of yiddishisms in public printed material when there is an English word that would do just fine. (some things can't be translated. But some things can.) I have nothing against yiddish publications, but if you're printing something for the English-reading public, then the English-reading public should be able to understand it. I'm pretty "heimish" and I still don't understand half of the italicized items in certain Jewish English (?) newspapers.

Hm, fresh fodder for a new rant post :P

Anonymous said...

(Well, I guess that I should have known.)
- gg