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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Overheard at Dawn

The sun had risen; this could be inferred by the increasing paleness of the azure sky and the yellow tinge around the easterly clouds. The object of our attention, however, was yet obscured by man-made structures. About four dozen Jews huddled in their coats, conjecturing about whether enough sun could be seen. Rabbi S. said he was doing it at 6:30, so we can too. You have to be able to see a sliver. You only have to be able to see a sliver. A bunch of men over there were mumbling so I mumbled with them. You can see the light if you stand here. You still can't see the sun itself if you stand there. You shouldn't look at the sun itself anyway, so this is fine. That's it. No, that's just reflected light. Is. Isn't. Is.

One soft voice hails from a man for whom this is perhaps his third blessing of the sun.
"I waited 28 years for this, I'll wait another 28 minutes if I have to."

And that settles it.

Chag kasher vesameach, everyone. Keep things in perspective!
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That was really nice. :-)