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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Every day is... Earth Day?

So, did you plant a tree today? Take a shorter shower? Recycle?
My workplace spent a portion of the day in relative darkness, conserving electricity. Fortunately, it was a beautiful day so those of us endowed with good windows pulled up the shades and carried on as usual while the rest conducted lessons and other... er, educational activities in the yard. I then spent the remainder of the afternoon fumigating the world while all but parked on the highway. Sigh.

As Earth Day 2009 draws to a close, I leave you with a fitting passage that I stumbled upon right in time.  A green thumbs up to the first comment to name the author; two thumbs for the context as well:

The trouble with most forms of transport [he thought,] is basically that not one of them is worth all the bother. ...the problem [had been] with cars. The disadvantages involved in pulling lots of black sticky slime from out of the ground where it had been safely hidden out of harm's way, turning it into tar to cover the land with, smoke to fill the air with, and pouring the rest into the sea, all seemed to outweigh the advantages of being able to get more quickly (and even this is questionable -- B~M) from one place to another -- particularly when the place you arrived at had probably become, as a result of this, very similar to the place you had left, i.e., covered with tar, full of smoke, and short of fish.


Something Different said...

I'm very disappointed in you. This was not supposed to be your next post.

Oh, and earth day is a lovely cover up for budget cuts, dontcha think?

rescue37 said...

hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, don't remember the context

Bas~Melech said...

SD -- my other next post needs planning and thought. This one was simply plagiarized :-P

Rescue -- ooh, warm! (the right book would have been enough context... I just phrased it that way to make it interesting...) Oh, and welcome!

David_on_the_Lake said...

Im planting a veggie garden today..

go me!

The Child Inside said...

Oh goody, more frum blogger hitchikers!

Oh, and Restaurant at the End of the Universe, by the way! My personal favorite of the series.