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Monday, February 19, 2007


At long last, the ressurection of the poem I blogged about losing. You can judge for yourselves whether it measures up, though I am still mourning the original...

In the Mirror

staring at me

the strong, piercing eyes

of a princess

a beauty.

I am almost ashamed

to meet her gaze

but she has pride

gently lifts my chin

straightens my shoulders.

Suddenly I am able to see

the image of G-d

shining within her



She stands firm

at the head

of a dynasty


while following

in the mighty footsteps

of matriarchs.

She is blessed

with all she needs

to conquer worlds.

As I turn away

heading out

on noble missions

I will carry her image

and draw from her strength

for I am a princess;

Her power is mine.


socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Nice post, great blog glad I found it good luck with it.

Bas Melech said...

Thanks, SWFM. By the way, it's knaidelmaidel here, just with a new ID

The Dreamer said...

nice one.
yeah, it measures up.
you're really into this princess thing now, aren't you?

good night, your majesty!

David_on_the_Lake said...

From a knaidel to a princess...
thats quite a metamorphosis

Love the poem..full of beauty and dignity..

Bas Melech said...

Dreamer, I realized as I blogged last night that it looks like I've gone all girly, but let me explain:
I like the name BasMelech better than Knaidel, after having tried on both for size.
I also happened to have started writing this poem a short time ago.
When thinking about changing my blog ID, I remembered the poem and realized it would be a great way to make the transition noticeable (so I don't lose my blog-friends).
So I finished the poem and changed my name on the same night.
Then I realized that the name lends itself to a matching avatar, which would make a nice change as the previous one was totally random.
As for the other blog title, it's just a temporary to get out of Torah Thoughts until I can settle on something I like.

SO, lest you were concerned that Knaidel had lost her noodles, do not fear. I have no plans of disappearing under anything lacy and pink in this life.

Anonymous said...

very nice post!!
thanks for your kind words and comment on my blog,
i didn't know u r kneidel till i read it here in the comments.
now its kneidlech fit for a melech
hatzlocha rabba with your new blog name!

Lvnsm27 said...

beautiful poem, we should always remember the beauty within and try to live up to it