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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday: BOS To-Dos

Given the recent spate of blogger engagements and my own wealth of experience, the time has come for me to leave a legacy for all those undergoing, considering, or observing the human-bridosapien species change. Now, if you'll excuse me, it seems I have several items left to complete and running out of time, so... <rides off into sunset>

10. Practice signing with chosson's last name
9. Gaze dreamily into space (qualifies even if not due to preoccupation with wedding plans)
8. Introduce self to mirror as Mrs. Chosson
7. Examine engagement ring from every lighting angle (note: for those who do not wear rings until after the wedding, other jewelry items may be substituted)
6. Doodle monogram designs for wedding invitations
5. Cross off one day on calendar. Calculate how many hours left until chuppah. (computerized aids available for those BoSes too unfocused to perform these operations)
4. Update anyone who will listen (alt: anyone you see) on the nicest thing your chosson did today.
3. Post saccharine messages of love on chosson's facebook page, if applicable (thanks, Babysitter, never would have thought of that on my own ;-) ) For those without facebook, I suppose you will just have to compose sweet, handwritten love letters on flower-scented stationery?
2. Find out chosson's preferences in food, dish patterns, etc. Hire FBI agent if necessary.
1. For the teacher kallahs, life must go on, so don't forget to prepare your kallah classes! See next post for details.


Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

ha ha! I liked the ring part most of all!

ProfK said...

Sub category for #1: both you and choson practice writing Mr. and Mrs. and also memorize your new address while deleting old addresses you live at now. Otherwise you end up as I did many years ago. We went away for the second half of sheva brochos. We went to check in at our hotel and the Dear Hubby signed in as Mr. K with his parents' address. Fortunately the mashgiach at the hotel had been to our wedding or we really would have had some explaining to do.

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

lol, this is perfect!

and aww so sweet of you to mention me!

lol, it's only once you mentioned I'm obsessed with him, that I got the idea into my head and we started being lovey dovey type. lol

and lol about saying nice things about the chosson to anyone who will listen!

I didn't start a countdown yet, I figured I'd start that when it becomes a month away?

~ Sarah ~ said...

so far only completed number 7

Something Different said...

Please tell me you never actually did number 8!

G6 said...

Very cute!

Bas~Melech said...

@ Babysitter: Uh oh, somebody better get out the ice coffee -- true symptom of BoSism: impervious to teasing. ;-)

@ Sarah: Mazal tov! It's ok, we'll give you some time to get it all done... that's why I've provided this handy-dandy list for you :-)

@ SD: I have accomplished #10 (class was that boring, and in script it can pass for notes...), probably 9 though I wouldn't have noticed if really doing it well enough, #7 kinda guilty, #6 I didn't have to bother with because I know from experience that letters like ours don't work well and I think no monogram is better than a klutzy one, #5 I have a facebook countdown doing for me which I check every so often, and #1 I'll try to post later tonight. (#2 my secret agent is working on. The dear boy is so busy trying to please me that I can't figure out what HE actually likes... *eyeroll*)

badforshidduchim said...

What happened to list you gave me, where handwriting, math, and all that interesting stuff came into it?

corner point said...

Hilarious post!

Before I got engaged, I probably would have just rolled my eyes at all 10 on your list...but now I know better--they're all so true!!

Lolol. Especially 3 and 4

Anonymous said...

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