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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Globble up!

Before embarking on this mission, I did a bit of research to gain an understanding of what globbing actually is. While most of my findings were automatically chucked onto the geek shelf, I settled on the the definition most familiar to me:

Glob \ˈgläb\ v. : to do, perform, or create a glob [see glob, n.] c. 21st century

The origins of the noun glob are much murkier. Merriam-Webster postulates that it originated as a blend of globe and blob sometime during the 20th century. This author contests that glob more likely has its roots in the word globule, possibly combined with a misunderstanding of the meaning of blob: Whereas blob denotes an amorphous object, globs, like globules, are distinctly rounded forms. However, since globule itself shares origins with globe, we may excuse MW's imprecision in this case.

With that, I present you with the case of the Bulbous Blobs. Although the controls are somewhat clumsy, the puzzle is fun and addictive, akin to Rush Hour on a slant. If your frustration threshold is high today, you may wish to delve into some of the more maddening puzzles on the site as well (ConSlider is brilliant but barely possible). I am waiting to see these in manipulative form, as the satisfaction of dragging pieces with a mouse is limited.



Ok now u have me addicted! The first game was ok, managed quite a few, but the second one...grrr.

Bas~Melech said...

BAS: Sorry. But have you tried the dry cleaner puzzles yet? I'm addicted to version I but II is devilish.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bas,

Just wondering if you would ever went out with and/or would consider going out with
FRUM SATIRE.. I think you two would make a great match..

Just thinking out loud :)

The Dreamer said...

anono - not a match AT ALL.

but nice thought.

ProfK said...

Great thing about these puzzles is that they make everything else I have to do today look easy by comparison. All is relative after all.

Bas~Melech said...

Thanks for the advice, but although I enjoy FS's blog from time to time, I doubt we would have anything in common.

LOL! I like that 'tude. But it doesn't help explain why the puzzles are so much fun despite being so challenging, while my w*rk... well, my w*rk can wait, I need to solve this one...

Lvnsm27 said...

looks interesting

Something Different said...

interesting bout blobs.... ;)