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Saturday, September 8, 2007

When...? (Continued)

After reading my previous post, I realized that it probably gives the idea that I was wondering "When" one becomes experienced. Or "When" "They" will invent a quicker way to do so. However, that is not the case at all. I already know what it takes to become experienced. Whether I will still be sane at that point is a different issue entirely.

No, my real question is "When" do all these other teachers find time to both prepare elaborate lessons and decorate their classrooms? After finally receiving my class assignment (more on that later iy"H) and curriculum two days before school, I went into a frenzy of planning, while the other teachers sat around calmly discussing their "themes."

Now, this is the first I'd heard about classroom themes. As far as I was concerned, I'd reward the kids for being good and punish them for being bad, and spend most of my energy getting some learning done. Suddenly, I found myself thrust into competition with these party planners lest I become the boring teacher (gasp!) Their behavior plans sounded like a very complicated board game involving points, cards, rewards, tokens, "menchies," and professionally designed posters, for starters. If the kids can understand and follow that, don't try telling me they're learning disabled!

Anyway, to make a long story short, I walked into the first day of school like a zombie, but it didn't matter because my classroom looked beautiful. Maybe I'll post a picture after I take some.

The other question my objective self asked after reading my last post was, "How do you know the veteran teacher has green eyes?"

I will tell you how I know. Because the veteran teacher, being experienced, was already teaching back before whiteboards became the mandated standard in schools, and she had to match the chalkboards. Now, I think I am the only person who ever noticed this, but most of my good teachers had those grayish eyes that could turn any color -- Whether you were in a classroom with a green board or a blackboard, she looked like she was created for the scene. And when those gray eyes stared you down, they looked like ice and made you freeze.

Now, my theory doesn't mean that you can't be a perfectly good teacher with brown eyes, but I definitely think blue and green-eyed teachers have an edge. Don't try talking me out of this one. (My eyes, of course, are like mud.)

So, how did my first day go?
Actually, that was a trick question -- you all know now that I spaced through it because I'd spent the whole night before designing my "theme."
Anyway, you'll just have to stay tuned.


Lvnsm27 said...

I would probably be the teacher who spends a long time planning and wonder how the others are done already.
Also, that was interesting about the eyes.

Scraps said...

I never noticed that about the eyes. My eyes are the color-changing kind...hmmm... :)

Good luck! Keep us posted!

halfshared said...

good thing I'm not a teacher. I'd probably start preparing a day I'm not the elaborate or creative type at all. I"m more the kind to come in the first day and tell stories to the children and hug them. It would be more day camp than class so..but I definitely wouldn't feel pressured by what other classrooms look like. Just focus on being a good and fair teacher and your students will love you for that! Hope you have a GREAT year!

David_on_the_Lake said...

awww...How old are ur students?

My teachers all had thick glasses..I couldnt quite make out their eye color..

Bas~Melech said...

Thanks for the comments, all. I want to post again, there's a lot to say (when did this turn into a personal diary blog?! My pet peeve... at least it's cool with the people who voted for that)

But anyway, my eyes are all burned out and I'm not even nearly ready for tomorrow. But I will definitely, bli neder, fill you in later this week.

Are you guys finding this interesting at all? I thought it would be humorous, but it doesn't read that way...

Oh, and DOT - they're mostly ten.

Scraps said...

I'm finding it informative and entertaining. Please keep us updated! :)

The Dreamer said...

i have green eyes, btw.